Code Diversity and Inclusion

Because Vloeistof has been internationally oriented from the start and plays a lot in public space, inclusion is in its DNA, as it were. Vloeistof originated from the intrinsic desire to be at the heart of society as a dance company. By dancing in the streets and squares, there is direct contact with people from all walks of life. Despite this, Vloeistof is aware of possible blind spots and will organize discussions in the coming years together with the board and possibly experts in this field to become aware of this and thus break through. In their concrete work, both makers expressly relate to a society with room for diversity and inclusivity. It also ensures that we can appeal to a wide audience with diverse backgrounds. From the quick scan that Vloeistof did at “The organization is open to diversity and diversity is integrated into the core of the organization. With every employee their uniqueness is seen and recognized, and they are encouraged to be themselves. Various employees are explicitly involved in making choices and decisions, in order to receive as much diverse input as possible and to be able to take optimal decisions.”