Governance Code Culture

The foundation applies the principles of the Governance Code for Culture and uses the management and management model. Anja Reinhardt and Yuri Bongers form the daily management and are accountable to the foundation board. When composing the board of the foundation, the following is of the utmost importance: different expertise, strategic insight, diversity and administrative and organizational knowledge. Consultants are regularly involved in order to obtain specific knowledge that is missing from the board and management. The board now consists of three members; two women and one man, all with a Dutch background. In the next four years, we want to attract a board member with a different cultural background. A schedule has been drawn up for the appointment and resignation of board members. The organization is small-scale, well-organized and transparent. The management is in charge of the day-to-day management and together with varying temporary employees (mainly self-employed persons) it works in a horizontal structure where openness, equality and mutual respect form the basis. Contracts and / or assignment agreements are concluded in collaborations with partners and employees. Within the organization, the division of tasks between artistic and business management is established. Every year, Vloeistof meets several times for board meetings to evaluate and work on a long-term vision. The management prepares and chairs the meetings. Vloeistof has an external accountant for the bookkeeping. Once a year, the annual figures are evaluated on the basis of the annual report. The board members are not compensated. The chairman has been appointed as a confidential advisor for employees, for transcending matters.