Swarming met herman

Pioneers in public space

For over 20 years we have been researching new perspectives of dance and their representation to involve all sorts of audiences into an embodied experience. We do this by seducing and confronting. For example, in "How can I be dead now" people were standing on the rooftop of a parking lot looking down and watching the dancers on the ground.

From 2010 on we do this by means of creating secluded venues in public areas or “hidden performances” such as in Welcome to the outside world and A car with a view. Here you view the dance and reactions of passers-by through the light-tinted windows of a luxury Sedan parked in a lively state. In Jukeboxcity the spectator was allowed to spy on a square from a blinded DAF school bus.

Dance company Vloeistof is now a indispensable value in the current dance landscape and plays at special locations in Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We are also regularly invited to renowned festivals such as the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Fȇte de la Danse and Tweetakt.

Foto joyce van Belkom

Foto: Joyce van Belkom

Pioniers of dance in public space

We also investigated ways to enhance the experience of space through different audience settings. Wildmenspark is a good example of this: the audience sits in the middle of a circle, the performance is happening all around - a 360 degree experience !

Wildmenspark03 fotograaf lidi de boer

Wildmenspark (Foto: Lidi de Boer)


Autosalon (Foto: Joyce van Belkom)