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About Vloeistof

In a light-hearted and contemporary way, Vloeistof brings focus on issues that play in society. We address both the cultural omnivore who "is not so into dance" as well as the seasoned dance aficionado likewise. Where do we do this? Where it happens! In public outdoor spaces with surprising performances on the water, in the centre of the city or in and around a car- for instance. Site-specific theatre is our signature.

The audience itself always plays an important role in our dance performances. Be it a casual passer-by, pedestrian or a visitor, you suddenly find yourself involved as a part of a larger whole, maybe even before you realize it.

We weave dance into the everyday activities, inviting you to take a closer look and to sharpen your senses by zooming in on things that usually would escape your attention. We tickle your brains by showing what you assume you already know, but slightly from a different angle.

Like that we permanently shift your view of how you relate to your environment and - your fellow human beings!

Franck Martinet border Marseille kopie

Performance in Marseille: We will be waiting at the border

Anja Reinhardt & Yuri Bongers

Since Vloeistof's foundation, choreographers Anja & Yuri found each other in a shared vision about dance and the drive to make performances outside the walls of the black box theater.

"We shared the interest to experiment and the walking of paths that were not paved yet. In our view the dance scene was focused very much on it's own circuit: we saw that dance performances were frequented by connoisseurs, choreographers and dancers, but noticed that many people from outside the dance or art world felt a barrier to see the work:
We both wanted to break through this!”