Amy Gale

Dance and Advice

Born in New York, 1948. Studied dance at Juilliard and independent studios in NY (Cunningham et al.) Taught in the Netherlands at various dance academies and organized lessons for amateurs in own studio.

Danced with independent choreographers in the Netherlands and was a core member (maker and dancer / performer) of Independent Theater (OT) in Rotterdam until 1993. Many of the OT productions were physical / dance works based on literature and included the integration of speaking-moving and working in a theatrical setting. Dansateliers was established in 1983, where Amy organized workshops. Dance studios grew into a laboratory for dance research and production. Now Amy is 'retired' but continues to perform occasionally. She also travels around, works as a language coach, does yoga, reads, works in the garden, draws and dances with her grandchildren.

Moving Futures lores Williamvander Voort 112

De voorstelling Swarming in Tilburg

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