Anne Parlevliet

Music composition

Anne Parlevliet (1978) studied music & technology at the Utrecht school of the arts (HKU). She received a master of arts degree and the "2nd phase music", in the direction 'composition in context' in (2005).

As an electronic composer she has considerable experience with expressing a musical story by electronic means. She is also working regularly with acoustic instruments and writes songs. Her work lies at the intersection of abstraction and accessible tonal sounds. She often works for modern dance and theatre. With choreographer Stephen Shropshire Parlevliet made a number of works for dance, including the full-length work “Tidal” with the Frisian singer Nynke Laverman. For Intro In Situ, she composed a poetic musical story about Limburg (southern region in the Netherlands) for fanfare, narrator and three electronic brass instruments (Steim), on a poem by Frans Budé. Furthermore, she wrote two electronic musicals.

Parlevliet has composed for clients such as the nps, the Dutch National Ballet, Noord Nederlandse Dans, The Diversions Dance company of Wales, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Vloeistof, Dancehouse Station Zuid, Muzieklab Brabant and November Music.