Carlo Camagni


Carlo Cagmani – Everything and everyone around us is a nice inspiration of weirdness!

March 2023 - After his bachelor and master in engineering, Carlo Cagmani made a surprising switch to Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts, where he graduated in 2015. He danced with various companies such as Introdans, ICK Amsterdam, Lonneke van Leth, and in productions of Korzo theater.

Starting from more classical theatre dance, over the years his style changed to a more social and community art style. For Vloeistof he currently dances in Hellend Vlak – a performance on a roof in the water about the rising sea water level, and Straatwild – a dance expedition about prejudices.

Carlo says ‘I really like dancing in another setting than the theatre, like we do with Vloeistof. On the street is where interact with a different kind of audience, that would not have seen dance otherwise. We bring something beautiful and socially engaging into the world.’ Also, he enjoys the freedom of being ‘naked’ out there, without any help from a stage setting or theatre lights. And while dancing, he researches the subject interaction, with the people around, as well as with the space itself.

‘On the street you see different people, and some people are weird. Or at least something is slightly ‘unusual’ in everyone. It made me realize that there’s beauty in everything and everyone around us, a nice inspiration of weirdness!’

Carlo also draws inspiration from the other Vloeistof dancers. Working with an intern he experienced freshness, purity and excitement again. And from the experienced dancers he sees how you can develop as a dancer, but still feel engaged and bright.

We asked him how he sees the future. Carlo says ‘The last 3 years were a big change, in a sense shocking, and it's hard to imagine the long-term future. But I'm re-organizing my life a bit at this moment. Next to Vloeistof he also dances with other companies, and he just opened a Gyrotonic studio in Amsterdam. Gyrotonic is a unique, holistic way of training to have a more supple spine, increased range of motion and greater joint stability. ‘For the future, I think it is interesting to be open to what every day brings to us.’

We asked Carlo if he had any advice for our readers. ‘I think that it is important that people integrate art into their life! They don’t need to go to a big show or the theater in order to de-touch from reality. We need to see the world and the people around us in a different way, every day or moment possible. There is so much beauty around us, that can change our perspective on life. I think people should come to see us because they learn to look at their environment in another way.

They can use that in their daily life. Art is not just for entertainment - it is also an enjoyable and useful way to educate yourself!’

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After his bachelor and master in engineering, Carlo started his dance studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy Codarts, where he graduated in 2015.

After his education he danced with various companies such as Introdans, ICK Amsterdam, Lonneke van Leth. He then danced in productions of Korzo theater: in choreographies by Jitti Chompee, Wubkje Kuindersma and Ryan Djojokarso. Carlo is now a freelancer dancer in the Netherlands and dances next to Liquid including Plan-D and VOS dance theater.