Hannalore Wegenwijs

Office & production

Art Director, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Stylist, Training and Coaching Actor, Visual / Drama Teacher for differently abled.

Hannalore Wegenwijs is a specialist in coordinating, developing, supervising and realizing educational and artistic projects and converting ideas into concrete images for more than 25 years. Community art is often a keyword. In addition, she has been working as a training actor since 2012.

She is down to earth, stubborn, playful, inventive, works accurately and likes a professional approach. She graduated 'summa cum laude' as a teacher in the creative subjects textile and drawing.

Furthermore, Hannalore Wegenwijs is very fond of chocolate, she has a soft spot for left-handed men, green is her favorite color, giraffes and mermaids are her favorite animals, she prefers to spend her free time doing odd jobs in her medieval house and she enjoys blue skies with fierce clouds, but she still pledged her soul and bliss to “making beautiful images”. www.wegenwijs.nl