Kilian Haselbeck


What inspires Kilian Haselbeck

Anja from Vloeistof in conversation with dancer Kilian

BIO Kilian Haselbeck

Started dancing with a passion for HipHop. After his professional study for modern dance at Codarts (Rotterdam Dance Academy) in 2008, Kilian danced in various dance projects in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia and New York.

Since then he has worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, the US, at Expo Shanghai, Les Ballets du Monde in New York and the Festspiele Bregenz (AT). In Switzerland, he has worked with Philippe Saïre, Marisa Godoy (Oona Project), Tim Fletcher, Mischa Käser, Mirjam Neidhart and Philip Amann.

In 2013 he founded Cie Zeitsprung. In 2014 Kilian received a dance prize from the city of Zurich. In 2015 he and Meret won the Swiss Dance Price with «Orthopädie or to be».

Kilian inspired us in I love you but you hinder me, with his open, honest attitude, differentiated views, his great dance quality and his sense of humor.