Manel Salas Palau


After studying Physical Education, Manel Salas started his artistic career as a, dancer, teacher and choreographer of Hip-Hop in Barcelona. Pretty soon he started to work in different fields including, TV commercials, films, his own pieces and dancing with different dance companies like Metros of Ramon Oller and the flamenco company Color. In 2008 he received his BA in contemporary dance at Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy.

Searching for his interest in the performing arts, he discovered and studied mime, theatre, improvisation, butoh, and acrobatics. Since then, he is busy dancing and teaching as a freelance dancer collaborating in several international theatre dance companies, and as an artist with more than 26 productions in different countries around the world, as the Chinese Paper Tiger theatre company, Julyen Hamilton, Angels Margarit, David Zambrano, CobosMika Company, Amy Raymond, Editta Braun company, Arno Schuitemaker, Vloeistof, among many more.

Since 2016 he is based in Switzerland articulating his own vision; as well collaborating with other Swiss artist like Cie ZeitSprung, Jens Biederman, Jasmine Morand, Oliver Dahler, Corsing Gaudenz, composer Dominique Girod and others. In the last years his personal focus and development is in the art of Instant Composition, Teaching and presenting his own work internationally: China, Russia, Spain, Holland , France and Switzerland.

He continuous his practice exploring and sharing the different angles of performing arts and its possibilities in education through creativity.