Martina Gunkel



Born in Germany (1995) and graduated in 2017. ´╗┐In July 2017 Martina finished her study 'Modern Dance Theater' at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg.

During her internship year she worked with Dox in Utrecht and with Vloeistof. Next to it Martina made her own work:

With the support of Makershuis Tilburg she created in collaboration with the trapezist Clara Cortes Soler the contemporary circus dance performance "It is there. Around the corner." An interdisciplinary duet about 'our home', a space in which we feel safe and which we want to own. The duet is performed in theaters and festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Jordan.

Martina's interest is in working together with other art disciplines, e.j the contemporary circus.

Especially, Martina want to be close to the audience. She is searching for the direct contact with people and my environment.

Arjen Dienske Hellend Vlak

Sliding Slope (Photo: Arjen Dienske)

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