Nataly Milena Orozco Mercado


Born in Barranquilla, 1993). Nataly graduated from the Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg, in Urban dance.

During her training she danced for Vloeistof in the Swarming project. She has worked with Blenard Azizaj, Joshua A Trebi, Tony Vezich, Maria Sartzetaki, Diego Sinniger de Salas, Sara Wicktoriwicz, Lin Wu Adams, Ivana Diboune, Jade van den Hout and Nikki de Graaf. She likes to improvise, uses her intuition in the tactics of Vloeistof, feels the wind outside and enjoys the architecture, nature and interaction. She believes in: "everything is everything and everything is already there".

Stadswild Vloeistof Putje 300 KB

dance-expedition Straatwild (2019)