Sebastian Schatz


Sebastian Schatz (1983) is a freelance composer, sound-designer and music producer living and working in Amsterdam. In 2007 he graduated with a master of music at the school of arts Utrecht (HKU).

Coming from a musical background of hiphop and electronic beats, during his study Sebastian Schatz tends towards electro-acoustic composition and soundscapes, focusing more on development of sound within a composition and sound-design. In 2005 he earns his first degree in composition in context (school of arts, Utrecht) with a project combining beats with electro-acoustic music, followed by a Master of Music degree in 2007.

From that time he succesfully applies the best of both worlds in different projects, ranging from sound-design for radio to composition for modern dance pieces.
In 2003 Sebastian Schatz produces the LP 'Alle kanten op' of rap-artist Maestro Mikel, who wins the prize for best musician at the 'grote prijs van Nederland' (grand prize) in the category hiphop/rnb.
Since 2007 he is composing for different media under the name of Zaplin Music.
In 2011 he created the concept for the mobile music app triqtraq, which was released in 2012.