Yuri Bongers

Artistic director / choreographer

Yuri Bongers has been active since 2000 as a choreographer and co-artistic director of the dance company Vloeistof. He grew up on a farm in the meadows of Drenthe. After training as a sociological researcher, he no longer wanted to sit still on an office chair and took the course in Expressive Theater Dance in Tilburg. Immediately after completion the danceacademy he started with Anja dance company Liquid. He also danced with Andreas Grimmert, Sonia Si Ahmed, Felix Ruckert (WpZimmer) and Hooman Sharifi (Springdance).

Yuri knows how to reflect sharply through his political and sociological knowledge. In an exciting, stimulating and unusual way, he can encourage reflection on the way we live and interact. For example, the dance performance 'I love you but you bother me' under the heading 'Is it fighting or is it sex' was designated as a cultural highlight in Brabant and, for example, he created the controversial performance 'Hellend Vlak' with Anja about how we as people are super good in denying climate change while the water has risen almost to our lips.

Anja about Yuri: "Besides Yuri's creative excesses, he also has a lot of business knowledge. He is easy to approach people and is good at seeing new opportunities. In addition, he is also pragmatic and practical and can make good connections. His skills as a critical thinker are valuable in think along in think tanks and other places where ideas of others can be supplemented and improved."