Stadswild sfeerbeeld 09

Am I here Now

You follow the movements of a dancer through the city streets. You hear her thoughts through an MP3-player. “An asocial family lives in this house.” Look inside. Are these people really asocial? The garden looks clean, but the curtains are closed. What could be behind the curtains? A giant mess? Empty wine bottles on the table, trash in the kitchen? Or just a father, maybe a dentist, home sick, lying on the couch…? That woman across the street, who just parked her car, does she live here? Does she mind me peeking through the curtains? She seems to look perfectly normal…

The dialogue between dance and your own thoughts widens your perception on city life. How do you look at your surroundings? What are your thoughts about the people around you? What are your own assumptions and thoughts?

Vloeistof creates a dance experience that confronts daily reality with imagination and plays with your perception of both.

Premiered in 2012. Among others shown at Oerol and at Time Forms Symposium McGill University Montreál, Canada


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