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In an intriguing dance experience, Vloeistof encourage the viewer to reflect on his relationship with the ground that we pertinently ignore in our everyday life.

Two dancers move in unison low near the soil. Changing from heavily swaying to moving fluently as a snake, the movement quality changes each time. Sometimes you focus on how they move, sometimes you start to see all the details of the soil: blades of grass, a glass shard, the worm poo, the sturdy pave stone pattern. Your gaze becomes more and more mesmerized by the touched surface. Wherever they go, you follow them, focusing on different physical elements. As you watch you hear fragments of pod-casts, Ted-talks, music and audio of explanatory video’s on your headphones. Dance, space and text intervene and frame each other. An interview about homeless people makes the two performers homeless, an explanation of a farmer who wants to make his soil healthy, shifts your attention to the kind of movement in relation to the quality of the soil. The instructions of an army exercise make you zoom in to the effort of the struggling performers.

Brainvacation in action

crowdfunding support

Thanks to Bregje Delrue, Heimland, Ruth Semmekrot, Geert Overdam, Petra Robben, Hannalore Wegenwijs, De Boekenschop

And Donors: Paul Janssen, Thijs Van Pruissen, Nicole van Lith, Annemarie Pijnappel, Linda Janssen, Marjo Dirks, Monique Zijp, N. Nijsster, Bert Bastiaans