Crossing Game kopie

Crossing Game

Hunted in an infinite deserted forest, a woman is on the run. She happens to see a car. Pantingly she gets in this save haven… When her breath gets quiet again, she starts to feel save. Then in her peripheral vision something is moving. What is she escaping from?

In a number of short dance films, Vloeistof investigates the crossover between dance and film with a film maker. This is the second short dance film Vloeistof produced.

O.a shown at: Cinedans Eye Amsterdam, Filmfestival FRAME London, Solar Cinema Tour Malta, Rio de Janero Dansfilm Festival, Nevada, 'Between You and me' Screen Factorium Tilburg, Cutting Edge Filmfestival Florida, International Shorts Melbourne

Choreography   Anja Reinhardt, Yuri Bongers

Film   Gonny Jüngst

Dance   Andrea Beugger

Music   Jesse Koolhaas