Fotograaf samuel rouge 01 kopie

Death on a boat

Played previously | Romance, dance and horror in one boat. A moving duet on a tiny rowing boat – performance for summer festivals.

You see a couple in a picturesque rowboat, approaching from the distance, all dressed up and ready to find the perfect spot for their romantic picnic. The champagne bucket is glistening invitingly in the splendid summer sun, but tension is brewing under the skin: an anker turns into a weapon, oars being handled in an unhandy way and messing about with champagne on the boat that used to be neat and tidy before...all of a sudden the romantic picnic degenerates into an absurdistic murder scene accompanied by a heavenly barock tune.

The viewer is bouncing between the tangible and the absurd of the dance: the swaying boat all surrounded by water is a theatrical metaphor par excellence : escape is impossible.

The set, the suspense, the humour and last but not least the stage blood makes “Death on a boat” a real “Film noir” dance experience!

This performance was seen at : La Strada International Festival (Bremen), Fête de la Danse (Geneve), Fête de la Danse (Vevey), Fête de la Danse (Yverdon), Opening cultureel seizoen (Theater aan het Vrijthof), Festival de Beschaving, Kunstfietsroute Deventer, Limburgfestival, Straatfestival Leeuwaarden, Kunstfietsroute aan de IJssel, Festival Het Parcours Maastricht, Axis Festival, Waterspetters Arnhem, Piushavenfestival Tilburg, Holzminden (Duitsland), Festival de Oversteek (Nijmegen), Cultuurnacht Tilburg, Festival De Karavaan (Alkmaar), Cultuur op het Vrijthof (Enschede), Lekart (Culemborg), Gast in Zutphen, Neuhardenberg (Duitsland), Westwaarts Podium Mozaïk (Amsterdam), Weermooispelen Delft, Openluchttheater Vondelpark Amsterdam, Dijksmuide Stadspark (Belgium)

Fête de la Danse

Vevey (Zwitserland)