Green Journey foto Anja Reinhardt

Green Journey

The audience is taken on a silent disco journey through the city. As a strange flock of birds wearing headphones, they dance around trees, bend over flowers and weeds and seem to move through our world with a heightened sense of their surroundings. The charge is led by an elf, while through the headphones.

The voice and music blend into a soundscape inviting to look again at nature in the city. The plants that creep between the cobblestones, the ivy against the walls, the trees and bushes that provide us with daily oxygen. In a dreamlike journey, the Vloeistof company (NL) and the József Trefeli company (CH), with a musical creation by Kettel (NL), pay a loving tribute to the green among all the grey.

"This work is in fact a ritual of appreciation of the power of nature. You can let yourself be carried along by the current. You feel like a remote-controlled robot, but it's actually reassuring. Passers-by are fascinated by this strange group of people with headphones. This work belongs at the Kaapstad Festival because it makes you look at the world differently. We don't take nature for granted anymore."
- Sander van Bussel, Kaapstad Festival Programmer

Voiceover available in English, French, Dutch and can be re-recorded in any other language.
Audience groups can be up to 25 or 30 people at a time.
New groups can be taken every hour. Maximum 5 shows per day.

Choreography   Jozsef Trefeli, Anja Reinhardt

Dance   Joana Hermes

Music   Reimer Eising

Financier   Gemeente Tilburg