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Two businessmen get out of the car. Cold-blooded. They keep a carefully constructed image. Everything is under control. It seems...


Accustomed to doing what they have to do, they follow each other's directions without question. But it is brewing under the skin. The two want to check each other, but who is in control when it really matters? Despite obstacles and slippery surfaces, they go up and down on, over and through the car. Who provides direction? And where is this going at all? They try to keep their soul tucked away, always looking for security.

Streamlined dance interrupted by absurd humor. Inner turmoil leads to quick car chases. Acrobatics, cinematic dance images, recognizable humanity and tranquil poetry alternate at a rapid pace. The car as a cage, 'safe harbor' and escape vehicle. Vloeistof created this choreography especially for the dancers for '2move dancecompany' (De movers).

Premieres in 2008. Among others shown at: De Parade, Festival De Karavaan, Zeeland Nazomer Festival, Axis Festival, Vondelpark & tour within theatres (indoor version). In total more than 300 performances played in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Choreography   Anja Reinhardt, Yuri Bongers

Dance   Miquel De Jong

Music   Jesse Koolhaas

Financier   Gemeente Tilburg