Ab rotterdam

I bumped my head

From the voyeurs perspective of a driving car you follow a lonely woman. She walks with a pillow under her arm through the streets. Who is she? Where does she go? The suspense is abruptly broken by a perspective shift that sharpens your perception.

“A mirror of everyday human failure, spiced up and polished with remarkable humor.”

Brabants Dagblad, newspaper

Vloeistof challenges the audience’s perceptions of space by using the body as a medium. The performances focus mainly on human behavior in an urban setting, letting absurd, funny, and poetic elements emerge. Also vital to the performances are the audience’s reactions and interactions. The pieces are engaging and embodied rather than merely watched from the sidelines. With simple means and effective use of space, their intriguing performances reflect on human interaction. Source of inspiration for the choreographer duo Yuri and Anja is the beauty and tragedy of everyday life.

Première. International Dancefilm Festival Loikka - Future Screens of Dance conference in Helsinki