Iets met toekomst fotograaf bart blewanus04

Something with a future

It was vodka what he had been drinking, he thinks and stands still. She approaches but quickly walks on when she passes him. Then she turns around when noisily smiling figures approach her. Once close to him again, he looks at her. Ahead a roller shutter thunders down while she stands still on the corner. Once again she tries to estimate the situation...

A performance about anonymity vs. intimacy on the street. People keep their distance on the street. After all, no one wants to get involved in annoying things. Yet you don't want the other person to look away if something happens to you. A dilemma. In Something with a future three people are in this uncertain situation. The movement that arises from the choices between proximity and distance between unknowns is translated into dance.

Premiered in 2003. Amongst others shown at the Library in Alexandria Egypt (Symposium of Independant theater makers)