You are almost dead

A dynamic dance performance that explores the power of sound on image. The dance movements consist purely 'throwing' movements. Around the floor are three composers who mix their compositions live with the dance. You decide how you experience it or when to change to another composition...

Choose headphones connected to one of the composers. Watch and listen .... And then change headphones. Experience how the different music changes your experience!

When are you really alive? Four people are fully enjoying themselves. Live their lives. Let go. Pulse after pulse. They keep trying to keep going. Their energy takes you to a world of wildness and dynamism. You feel the breeze of the violence of movement. As the exhaustion strikes more and more, you see the dancers change. You experience more and more the cadence within the savage, a flow, an order. They turn, fall and throw their bodies until ...

The performance premiered in 2008 en was shown in various places: in a library (Festival Boulevard in cooperation with Novembermusic), in a radio station (Axis festival), a museum (Van Bommel van Dam) and also within the theatre (Theater De Nieuwe Vorst and Theaters Tilburg during the Dance Night). Also shown at Incubate Festival.

Choreography   Anja Reinhardt, Yuri Bongers



Financier   Gemeente Tilburg

Photo credits: Steven Holsbeeks, Martijn Kappers


Radiointerview with Peter-Pim Windhorst Omroep Brabant