Uitsnede st petersburg


A new perspective on urban reality

Photo: Joyce van Belkom

An interdisciplinary dance-music-space experience that offers new perspectives on the city and its inhabitants. In this performance Vloeistof invites the audience to take a seat behind the windows of a deserted department store, or behind the blinded wind screens of a DAF truck, in the centre of the city. You are hidden in a secluded space and may spy shamelessly! Music and live - sounds manipulate your perception of reality.

Dancers and voice-overs transform an otherwise unsignificantly normal square into a film setting.

Jukeboxcity in action


This project was finacially supported by :
 Crowdfundingsaction on platform www.Tilburgvoorcultuur.nl ... with donations from (amongst others): Wilbert Willems en Snjezana Matijvic, Thijs van Pruissen, Caia Oortwijn, Jeroen van Vliet, Leticia Steenbakker, Cie Woest, Luversa Snijders, Jan Peeters, Leonard Kranendonk, Frank Verwoerd, Bregtje Radstake, Janneke Laro, Fedde Jellema, Angelie Broeren, Guido Langendoen and many anonymous donators.

The performance premiered in 2015 and was shown at: Festival Incubate, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Axisfestival, Festival lift me up! (Theater de Spiegel Zwolle), Theaters Tilburg (Opening Danceseason).