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Public Space Performance Masterclass

This masterclass is a teaching module of fixed format based on the specific knowledge and expertise of Vloeistof about working in public spaces. Since 2016 Vloeistof has been teaching masterworkshops for - bachelor's and master programs - for Fontys (Tilburg) and Codarts (Rotterdam) to transfer their knowledge of - and expertise in - working in public space to students. Since 2019 the format has been expanded for new target groups such as theater, visual arts and architecture. For each target group we offer a customized module which can be applied within various art courses (drama, visual arts, architecture) or within MBO education and also within the regional dancers / makers field.

A new context to explore

The participants train new skills, because compared to the work inside a theatre many new elements are at play. By means of a special improvisation technique the participants learn to direct the focus of the spectator to the environment. Vloeistof shares “best 's of Practices“ gained in many years of experience working in the field: we discuss the codes of the public space and teach participants the skills how to respect and also how to brake them- and to decide when to do which.

By positioning the body in the space, the constructed environment, the architecture and the behavioral patterns are placed into focus.The research draws on two sources, like a cross-pollination: we investigate how the space offers context for the body on one side. Vice versa the body makes a quality or aspect of the space visible.

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Instant composition

Participants learn to be in 360 degree awareness. They learn how to make compositional choices in regard to the “dominant aspect”. This improvisation techniques make it possible that anything and everything that happens becomes part of the performance.

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Performance qualities

Publics parks, squares and streets are stage and rehearsal space at the same time. One aspect of site specific performance work is that you are always “on”, you can't step out or disappear behind a curtain like in the black box theatre. The pedestrians also use the space and might ask questions or give comments and express opinions. We introduce skills that enable the participant/ performer to improvise whilst always relating the action to the environment he or she is in.