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Master Class Keep off the Grass

When you are walking towards a wall, facing it, the wall becomes an obstacle. If you look up, the height becomes visible suddenly. If you stand with your back against the wall, it becomes a frame in which you appear.

In this Master Class, the specific knowledge and expertise of Vloeistof in working in public space will be shared with you.

Since 2016, Vloeistof has been giving workshops to bachelor and graduate programs -for Fontys (Tilburg) and Codarts (Rotterdam). The workshop gives you tools, inside knowledge and on-site work experience, to find your way in the city and experience what space does to you. The workshop is based on 20 years of experience making many dance performances in public space amidst passers-by.


The way dance company Vloeistof uses the human body transforms the body into a medium that can change the meaning of the environment. In this master class, choreographer and dancer Anja Reinhardt will take you through her way of looking at things.

By positioning the body in the space, the built environment, architecture and behavioral patterns are being highlighted. Together we examine how the space provides the context for the body, and also how the body makes a quality or aspect of that (specific) space visible.

How do you manipulate a gaze to elements in the space?

The Master Class participant will learn how to direct the viewer's eye to the environment. It is important to gain insight into perspectives, distances and lines of sight and to learn to take these into account in positioning the body and direction of movement.

What will you learn as an architect / urban planner?

  • We will look for a deeper understanding of your urban design.
  • Do you know those parts of the city where the wind has free rein, blowing away passers-by? You will learn about the experience of space and gain experience of peoples senses in the environment. How does it feel? Is any consideration given to humans in this space? How is the human scale?
  • Experiment and play. We work in 2 groups: while one explores, the other gets to observe.
  • Learning to really look at the environment: analyzing your environment and its different aspects. And learning about the so-called dominant aspect.
  • Working with principles and rules concerning perspective and distance, and performative 'presence' in relation to the daily routine of passersby.

What will you learn as a performer?

The workshop provides you with skills that will give you a wide range of possibilities and great flexibility to perform in the non-orchestrated public space, whatever the circumstances.

  • Through simple practical exercises, participants experiment with new ways of positioning themselves in space.
  • Analyzing codes of behavior in public space: how to respect them and how to break them (and when to do what).
  • How to direct the focus (of the viewer) on the environment.
  • Basic skills of individual positioning: how to place your body in the environment in relation to what is there. Using the body as a "frame" to see different aspects in the environment.
  • Use of architectural elements and urban furniture.


One half day ór

Extensive version - 2 days

Interested? More info

Send a mail to info@vloeistof.nl and we will inform you about possibilities.

Anja Reinhardt, Artistic Leader at Vloeistof - more about Anja

Ulrike Doszmann, Experienced dancer at Vloeistof - More about Ulrike

Wannes de Porre, Experienced dancer at Vloeisto- More about Wannes

Header photo - William van der Voort