Monumentum Foto


Monumentum is a 360-Dance video installation viewed through VR glasses. The ability to change the viewer's traditional world of view offers new perspectives: What if we drastically change the viewpoint? And what if you as a spectator are placed in the middle of the intimate space between a man and a woman? How do you deal with the role of voyeur, so close to the skin, with the complete freedom to unabashedly study each tuck, choosing what to focus on?

The trilogy consists of three films, in which a couple of a different age - between 20 and 70 years – is featured in each film.

The movement concept is minimalistic: in a quiet, slow movement, the two constantly try to relate to each other, to the light source and the immeasurable space around it. You see rapprochement and struggle; an ambiguous game between vulnerability and strength. So close to the skin, a fold, the throbbing artery, a tense tendon changes into a monumental landscape. Who are you in this landscape?

Monumentum still

Cinedans VR-Lab

Bob Driessen and Vloeistof found each other in the shared fascination for space perception and VR film. Bob wanted to work with 360 film years ago- finally the technology was ready for it! We entered the research by not only looking at the limits of what hardware can handle, but also beyond it. During Cinedan's VR-Lab, we entered into a conversation with other makers and the public about the new challenges and possibilities of this art form.

Video impression