Welcome in the outside world

Vloeistof stages dance outside, in the midst of public places. As spectator you experience the dance and the reactions of people from behind the slightly tinted windows of a luxurious sedan. Unwitnessed and uninhibited you can spy upon what happens on the scene...

You are part op the plot, but separated from the outer world. Being inside of the car is like being in a protective cage of steel and glas: you are an anonymous spectator, witnessing intimacy from behind the glass windows. Are you being a voyeur?
In the midst of a public space, on a road where people casually pass by it happens: Vloeistof's dancer is staged in a reality, where the interactions are totally unpredictable. Bikes, cars, lorries and pedestrians pass by. The frame of the car windows is your personal passe partout of perception: What do I see? Where do I need to look? What is fake? Who is in the plot? Who is watching?

Vloeistof plays in this setting with your expectation and creates suspense:
with subtle disturbances and interventions the choreographic duo strikingly peels the layers how we habitually behave in the urban environment. Welcome in the outer world is a performance experience that shifts the way you look at dance.

“ Before you know it you are part of the cast. And passer's by also get a perfomance.
Exciting, intimidating, blood-curdling and brilliantly done. Thank you!” Eric Mulder

This perfomance premiered in 2010 and was amongst other places showed at: Gessnerallee (Invisible Zürichs) Festival Witte de With (Rotterdam), Young Arts Festival (Vlissingen), Dimanche Rouge (Helsinki), Het Parcours/Theater aan het Vrijthof (Maastricht), Festival Zwart (Zwolle), Cultuurnacht (Tilburg), CC Hasselt (België), International Streetfestival (Leeuwarden), Festival Onderstroom (Vlissingen), Fabriek Magnifique (Veghel), Museumnacht (St.Gallen, Stein am Rhein), Frasq (Paris) Nederlandse Dansdagen (Maastricht)

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