De ultimate selfie

Rarely By Chance

Cookies sound sweet, but they are actually surveillance tools. They collect data about each individual based on online searches. The algorithms ensure that we are bombarded with target advertisements and that we are increasingly exposed to information that confirms everyone's position. There I am “in a bubble” with all my cliché clones: white Western European artists, flexitarians buying organic products and second-hand clothing. In a reality which does not reflect the actual complexity of real life...

Rarely By Chance is an all-round dance experience. At onze the audience is manipulated, reoriented, divided and taken on different routes through the theater building (and beyond). We approach the theater as a site-specific location. In addition to the stage, you can also end up in the dressing rooms, the bar, the storage room, the foyer ...

Rarely By Chance is an international collaboration between Vloeistof (NL) and Cie Jozsef Trefeli (CH). Both collectives are happy to exchange their expertise. Jozsef Trefeli choreographically defends the dancing body and a sober, technical approach. Vloeistof brings dance and performance with improvisation techniques that shape the interaction with the audience. In addition, the creative process is a research and exploration of new working methods for us as internationally oriented artists: how can we work and produce constructively in these though the epidemic changed and uncertain times? The active discussion with cultural institutions is also part of this research to jointly search for new forms and flexible solutions.

Research was made possible by Kulturstiftung Thurgau and residencies at Theater Octogone Pully (Lausanne, CH), Theater Bicubic (CH) and Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg (NL)

Photographer: Gregory Batardon

Choreography   Anja Reinhardt

Choreography   Jozsef Trefeli

Dance   Kilian Haselbeck, Anja Reinhardt, Jozsef Trefeli, Joana Hermes

Advice   Rodia Vomvolou

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