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Rarely By Chance

Rarely By Chance, available for touring, is a collaboration between Vloeistof (NL) and Cie Jozsef Trefeli (CH), with music creation by Kettel(NL). The work for all ages explores the bubble society we live in which leads us into isolation and away from a complex experience of the rest of the world around us.

Rarely By Chance brings together a stunning group of 8 dancers from different generations, with the possibility of picking up 3 or 4 local dancers in the team, focussing on their idiosyncrasies; their originality, personality, talents and uniqueness. These specifics are put on show and labelled, as is each audience member, lead to categorise themselves into “bubbles”. The audience is investigated, reoriented, selected and divided to go on different routes through the theatre building and beyond. The venue becomes the rabbit warren in which different groups cross paths seeing location specific personalised performances at the same time as experiencing a strong sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). An itinerant choreographic project with dance, music and projections that take us on an immersive journey.

A collaboration - The creative process is an investigation and exploration of new working methods for artists in CH and NL who focus on international exchange. Solutions are constantly being found to produce new choreographic works in a constructive way. Collaborating artists provide multiple points of view to ensure the research covers multiple layers.

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In this time of change and uncertainty due to the pandemic, the active conversation with cultural institutions is also part of this research to jointly search for new forms and flexible solutions. Research and rehearsals were made possible in part by Kulturstiftung Thurgau and residencies at Theater Octogone Pully (CH), Theater Bicubic (CH) and Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg (NL). A two week residency in Ecole Henry Dunant Genève (CH) with daily workshops with ten different groups of students who participate in the creative process with the artists in residence is made possible through the Geneva state Department de l’Instruction Publique’s organisation “Ecole et Culture”.

Rarely By Chance

Teaser by Daniel Grapes Filmmaker / Media Artist