Eric Minten 11

Sliding Slope

The water is right up to our throats. You see four people striving to survive on the rooftop of a drowning house.

Dancetheatre on a rooftop of a flooded house

Climate change is the driving force for this exciting outdoor performance:

Between recognizability and absurdism the audience becomes involved in the pressing situation of rising waters and the potential of drowning in a self created scenario.

A roof on the water, similar to a sinking ship. On the slippery surface, four people fight for survival. Will they make it? Who will try to find a solution for everyone, who will only want to save his own skin?

Vloeistof interprets the problems of climate change and rising sea levels in a memorable way: the loss of control and the possibly greatest talent of humanity: the denial of what we have created ourselves.

Are you heating up a little bit?

The prototype of the roof was created with the support of the Bosch Parade, with the project 'We leven vrolijk verder'.

Piushaven via Theater De Nieuwe Vorst (Tilburg), Festival De Karavaan (Alkmaar), Festival Onderstroom (Vlissingen), Botanische Tuinen Bogor Indonesia, Festival Het Parcours/Theater aan het Vrijthof (Maastricht), Brabant Kennis (Climate Conference Brabant Kennis),
Van Rijn Festival, Buitengewoon Doetinchem, Sonsbeek, Olst Kunstfietsroute, Reuring, Veurne (Belgium), La Strada International Festival of streetart Bremen (Germany), ZeelandNazomer Festival / Flood Museum, International Streettheatre festival Holzminden (Germany)

Hellend Vlak London

crowdfunding support

Mede mogelijk gemaakt middels crowdfunding door: Julie Vegter, Radislav Semenov, Riet Bongers, Peter Van Meel, Miesjel Van Gerwen, Paul Janssen, Nick J Swarth, Jaap Bongers, Bob Driessen, Thijs Van Pruissen, Marjolein Tops, Marc Eysink, Gonny Jüngst, Maudie Der Kinderen, Claudius Schulze, Sanne Wichman, Marja Kemps, Leendert (Roof Top Energy), Eelco Roovers, An Bastiaans, Ruth Wilmans, Jan Doms, Boy Jonkergow, Cindy Klerks, Geert Overdam, Natalie Nijs, Wim De Jong, Mieke Lamar en anderen.

Special thank to architect Jan Noordman for the reconstruction of the roof.

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