Fotograaf Sven Zeijen Straatwild01

Straatwild (Cityprey)

Do you stand out very much if you are just yourself?

Photo by Moon Saris

Straatwild (Cityprey) takes place in the city, the scene where you encounter everyone. The place where different lifestyles, points of view, opinions and also prejudices clash. As a spectator you get a headset and you are guided by the dancers of Vloeistof along lively squares and streets in your city, where they interact with pedestrians. Through dance, music and spoken text, Vloeistof creates an experience in which you start to question what is really 'real' and what is not. When are your assumptions correct and when are they not?

This performance is also available for colleges, including an in-depth workshop. Suitable for High school Education (all levels). Please inquire about the possibilities.

Watch the English video impression!

Length: 35 - 40 min

Special Thanks to Ineke Frijters Bureau Cist, Peter Van Meel, Dick Hollander