Jostijn Ligtvoet Swarming


In an interactive way, Vloeistof takes you into her way of looking at the physical space containing the architecture, objects, and behavioral patterns.

Photo: Jostijn Ligtvoet

A mixed group of five dancers dancers infiltrates the daily routine of the public space.
The dancers constantly communicate wordlessly, both with each other and with their environment. They are, as it were, "agents" within a collective that follow a simple set of rules within the complexity of the location. The group moves unisono amid the crowd of passers-by or visitors. Sometimes still then again sometimes dynamic. In different formations they move between passers-by, cross paths, create breathing spaces, look-out views. The swarming movement make boundaries between the daily and the artificial dissolve. What you usually ignore suddenly becomes intensely experienced: new spaces emerge.

It is a constant modeling of the gaze of the invited and casual viewer. The appearance of the dancers is always the appearance of a spontaneous order that is created in conjunction with a large number of coincidences of that one moment. Be it on the street, in a foyer, library or gallery.

Photo credits: William van der Voort, Jostijn Ligtvoet