Vloeistof organizes a laboratory once a year (in November) to give the opportunity to experiment with the cross -sections of dance, performance and other art disciplines. Creators from the city, the region and also from far abroad are invited to participate. The laboratory takes place in the municipal public space of Tilburg.

In Vloeistof's vision the public space is a place where art can ask new questions and old structures can be redefined. The creative duo takes an active role in that based on their performance practice and would like to investigate further into new possibilities in that area together with others.
The aim is ex-change and research: the base is the conviction that we learn from each other's experience and expertise by “doing” and physically trying out each other 's ideas. The Laboratory is a multidisciplinary dialogue that serves to build a local and international connective network of creative artists. Vloeistof works towards a network to play performances, offer workshops and hold lectures on an international level. The region of Brabant has a unique place in this and Theater De Nieuwe Vorst in the homebase for Vloeistof Laboratory.