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We Are In This Together

Your environment is the result of long processes, a lot of human interactions and democratic decisions. Do you take public space for granted, or do you want to change it?

To whom belongs the public space? You might take your environment for granted. A bike path crossing the pavement, that homeless person hanging on a bench, a trash can with coffee cups next to it on the ground....

Well, your environment is not so self-evident at all: it is the result of long processes, a lot of human interactions, and democratic decisions. Do you take that space for granted or do you want to change it?

This dance invasion looks at your environment and the people around you. It lets you decide where it itches. Because where it itches, beauty emerges. And humanity arises. That's where you find the poetry of real life. Affection for another and attention to your surroundings. Our dancers ask you to stand still. To stand still to reflect, to be present, and to be together.

This performance is a poetic response to the environment that amazes you as the audience. It might disrupt you, but always expands your view. Unnoticed beauty, specific places, and funny details suddenly catch your eye and become visible.

The Vloeistof dancers swarm amidst passers-by and visitors. Constantly communicating wordlessly with each other and with their surroundings. They interact, cross paths, and create breathing spaces and sight points. Guided by live electronic music, the environment is constantly changing. What we think we see, has already changed in the next moment.

Practical information


The performance is suitable for a variety of locations, indoors and outdoors. From auditorium to square, with a large audience or in an intimate setting. Also suitable as a pop-up performance, surprising intermezzo or festive opening.

Suitable for

Theaters, festivals, schools, health institutions and urban developers


In addition to the performance the workshop allows people to experience the pleasure of movement and to look differently at their own environment.

Interested? More info

Send a mail to info@vloeistof.nl and we will inform you about possibilities.


Photos on street - Jostijn Ligtvoet / in park - Sjon Brands

Teaser Danceinvasion We Are In This Together

De openbare ruimte lijkt een status quo en vanzelfsprekend. Of niet? Vloeistof dansers gaan het gesprek aan met de omgeving om dit te onderzoeken. Deze dansinterventie is een poëtisch antwoord dat je verwondert, soms ontregelt, maar altijd je blik verruimt.