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We Are In This Together (premiere June 2023)

What you and I are doing, does affect others. How? This dance invasion looks at your environment, sees it as a larger moving organism, and lets you explore what happens in it.

Probably you take the everyday environment that you live in for granted. But it is not self-evident: it is the result of the interaction between humans. It is not a stable or static given, rather something like a large moving organism. Each person that moves within it, affects the others around them. This dance invasion shows how we work together as humans and thereby shape our environment ourselves and together. From moment to moment, we navigate between autonomous choices and attuning to others.

We Are In This Together will premiere in June 2023. The dancers of Vloeistof create this dance intervention on the spot, an adventure for you as a visitor, but also for them. They move among passersby and/or visitors. They interact with you, cross your path, create moments of breath and visualize lookouts. The dance intervention is enhanced by the creation of electronic at the spot. Surroundings are constantly changing. What you think you see, is changed in a single blink of an eye.

Opening Dans Seizoen2018 Williamvander Voort 42

We Are In This Together shows a fascinating intensity and rawness. A variety of strong focus alternating with the openness to respond to a random passerby, dog, bird or truck. A creation of playfulness that brings both humor and amazement.

Practical information


June 2023


The performance will be made suitable for a variety of locations, indoors and outdoors. From auditorium to square, with a large audience or in an intimate setting. Also suitable as a pop-up performance, surprising intermezzo or festive opening.

Suitable for

Theaters, festivals, schools, health institutions and urban developers

Additional workshop

In addition to the performance, a workshop will be developed that allows people to experience the pleasure of movement and to look differently at their own environment.

Interested? More info

Send a mail to info@vloeistof.nl and we will inform you about possibilities.


Photos - outside: Jostijn Ligtvoet / inside: William van der Voort