Camille perrin zwart wit

We will be waiting at the border

A performance wich researches together with the audience the phenomenon of borders

Natya Ballet Dance Festival New Delhi

Placing a physical border seprates us from the other, but its high transparency just makes you zoom in on what’s happening on the other side. How fictional is a boundary, actually? What truth / reality lies in the wish to draw new borderlines?

Does this offer new frontiers /perspectives / possibilities?

In this interactive performance Vloeistof explores in collaboration with the audience new manners to push boundaries, to break thinking patterns and to grow muscles.

Vloeistof invites you to come outside, into the streets, where you see two people stooping under a big sheet of glass which they carry on their backs. Is this part of the scene? Like sysifus they stoop under it’s weight whilst they lug it through traffic. When they put down the glass sheet it leans against their squashed bodies.

Dancers and passers-by become involved in bizarre situations.

The performance was supported by a residence at Préavis de Dèsordre Urbain (Red Plexus) and was amongst others shown at Tilburg (De Nieuwe Vorst) Marseille (Friche La Belle de Mai, Vieux-port & Mucem) Festival Oerol (Terschelling), Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale Chandigarh, Natya Ballet Dance Festival, New Delhi (India)

video impression

Photo credits: Camille Perrin, Elea Terodde, Franck Martinet