Fort Ruigenhoek Annavan Kooij 1636

Disposable World

A festival performance over garbage and throw away items, that is played several times during a day. Together with an interactive lecture-workshop it's an experiential performance that's especially interesting for pupils and young people. Please inquire about the possibilities.

A short dance performance in a special setting: after you have been supplied with protective clothes and a helmet, you take a seat together with 15 other people in a small space. 
A wealthy couple is moving around being busy with the routines of their everyday life- they are very close to you, you can feel them almost on your skin... the remains of their carefree life are piled up in the room next door.Through a glass wall you witness how two garbage workers are striving to clean up the mess until one of them decides to throw back the waste into the living room...

DisposableWorld has been shown amongst other places in: Festival Boulevard, Festival Onderstroom, Kunsten op straat, Axisfestival, Overijssel op straat, Festival Mundial, Zomerterras (Vlaardingen), Witte de With Festival (Rotterdam), Uitmarkt Amsterdam, Arnhem, Doetinchem Buitengewoon, Dansen in het park Gent (BE), Tweetakt, La Strada Bremen (DE), Festival Viseel Visuel (GC De Kroon Brussel), Deventer op Stelten.

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