Antti Uimonen


Antti is a Netherlands-based multidisciplinary performer and maker originally from Finland. He is three times Finnish Champion in breakdance and graduated in 2022 from the Performance Practice MA program at ArtEZ University of Arts. He also holds an MA in Futures Studies from the University of Turku in 2016.

Antti performed and worked in Reija Wäre’s (FI) dance collective and made dance productions in theaters and on TV. He created performances with Vapaa Aika collective in Finland from 2013-2015 and is currently with YUMI collective and Post Breakers’ Revenge projects. In the Netherlands, Antti has performed his solo works in Amsterdam at Splendor, 4Bid Gallery, and Kunstkapel and performed with visual artist Julia Kiryanova. In addition, he participated in Het Huis MAKERSLAB in December 2022.